Triple EBV




Design & Manufacture to Meet with:
a. API 609(Category B),ASME B16.34, Flanged, Wafer & Lugged Body.

Flanges meets with:
1. Wafer & Wafer Lugged:
* Face to face: API 609.
* End Flange Dimensions: ASME B16.5 & ASME B16.47.

2. Flanged:
* Face to face: API 609/ ISO 5752 Ser. 13/ Ser. 14/ Ser. 8
* Test: API 598.
EN 593, Flanged, Wafer and Lugged Body.
* Flanges meets with EN 1092.
* Face to face dimension: EN 558.
* Test: EN 12266-1

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– Achieve tight shut-off, zero leakage at temperatures as low as – 29 to 250 º C.
* Laminated seat valve: Zero leakage sealing in bi-directional (As per DIN class I or ANSI Class VI).
* Integral seat valve: Bi-directional tight sealing (As per ANSI Class V).
– Triple Offset valves incorporate 3-way eccentricity. The metal seat is capable of very tight shut off at Temperatures up to +600°C.
– Excellent isolation function for gas and liquid.
– Takes up little space between flanges for its installation.
– Applicable to harsh working condition such as high temperature, high
pressure and corrosive conditions.
– Welded stainless steel or stellite body seat, is specially designed for long service life.
– The seal ring is easy to be replaced and adjusted.
– Inherently fire safe design (Metal to Metal Seating Surface).
– Actuator.
* Lever handle, Gear box and hand wheel, Electric Actuators, Pneumatic actuators.
– Accessories.
* Local Position Indicator.
* On-OFF Limit Switches.
– ISO 5211 square drive shaft for easy automation.
– CE/PED Certification, Per EN 10204-3.1 available for all the Sizes.

Usually used to shut off flow or Isolation functions in piping systems. Widely applied in the field of:

– Energy Industry (High temperature Applications).
* Steam Plants in Geothermal Plants.
* Thermo-Electric Generation Plants.
– Water supply and drainage.
– Sewage disposal.
– Industrial pipe lines with corrosive medium in:
* Metallurgy.
* Iron and Steel Plants.
* Petro-Chemical Industry.

Main Parts and Materials, Basic Configuration.