Who We Are

A Group of Corporations that includes Morris Suppliers, Inc; where we can guarantee the timely supply of goods and services related to Industrial equipment and its parts, including valves and Industrial Instrumentation. In order to achieve: customer satisfaction, the progress and welfare the staff, our corporate growth and sustainable development of our Planet.


To provide: quality, timely and competitive solutions to our customer in Industrial Plants; either, in project stages or as a full production. For this, we have a motivated staff, well trained and committed to the achievement the unique Goal of the Corporation. So that, working together with excellent products manufacturers, which share our common interest, including the development of new applications; we can guarantee: The Satisfaction of our customer, the welfare of our families, be useful and happy in harmony with our Planet.


Our vision is to be amongst the leading corporations in the supply of goods and services related to industrial equipment in general, their components, including valves and instrumentation, reaching new markets in conformity with international standards, responding faster to our customer’s need, remain committed to customer satisfaction, the welfare of our company and the sustainability our planet.


All our product lines are developed, manufactured and tested; in complying with Global quality standards, among others such as ISO, ASME, ANSI, API, CE. We see quality as a complete process that involves all the aspects of our business. The first priority is our customer and your satisfaction, our organization and staff and the sustainability of our Planet.